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Blog Posts in September, 2011

Drunk Driver Kills Motorist in Fremont

An 83 year old Fremont resident was killed when an apparenlty drunk driver crashed into his car on Sunday. The deceased party has been identified as Irving Williams. The alleged drunk driver has been ...
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Children's Personal Injury Claims - Time Away From School

Children's Personal Injury Claims - Lost Time At School When an adult is injured in a rear-end accident or a pedestrian accident, he or she will have medical bills, pain and suffering and perhaps ...
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Personal Injury Glossary

If you are involved in a personal injury claim, and you have never had a claim before, you may hear some new terminology. Below are some basic terms and what they mean. If you have questions about a ...
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Right of Way in Left-hand and U-Turns

Intersection accidents typically involve either a car running a red light, or (more often), a car failing to yield the right of way when it is making a left turn. California Vehicle Code Section ...
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