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Motel Sued for Involvement in Sex Trafficking Case

Recently, a motel located in northeast Philadelphia, known as the Roosevelt Inn, was sued for its facilitation of sex trafficking in a case involving a 14-year-old girl who was forced to have sex with at least 1,000 men. Although her abusers have already been brought to justice, convicted and sent to prison, the girl’s family and her lawyers believe they can also hold the motel responsible for its own participation in this crime, which took place over the course of two years.

This case is the first known civil suit that has been brought under the Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Law of 2014. It allows survivors of human trafficking to seek compensation from those who profited off their abuse. Part of the reason why no hotel has ever been held liable for its role in human trafficking is because survivors are often so traumatized that they do not identify as victims or, if they do, are not aware of their options for legal action.

The Roosevelt Inn is no stranger to criminal activity. It is not only a “local epicenter of human trafficking,” as prosecutors call it, but it is also a hotbed for drug deals and other violent crimes. The hotel’s manager, Yagna Patel, claims that is unaware of any criminal activity, but reviews on sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor suggest otherwise. Guests have noted that the establishment is infested with crime that is undeniably obvious.

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