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Blog Posts in 2015

Pedestrian Killed by Driver in Fremont

One death has been confirmed in an early morning pedestrian accident on Fremont Boulevard. SFGate reports that the collision occurred at approximately 6:40 am on November 25 and involved the driver of ...
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Understanding Maximum Medical Improvement

It is usually the case that, by a time a personal injury suit is filed, the injury victim has fully or nearly fully recovered from their injury. Because of this, it is easy to calculate the total ...
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Attorney Pete Clancy Presents CLE Session on Protecting Medical Records

On July 14, 2015, Attorney Pete Clancy was one of the several attorneys who were asked to speak at " How to Win HUGE Personal Injury Verdicts." This event was a Continuing Legal Education ...
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Oakland Artist Killed in Hit & Run

The City of Oakland has been hit with another high-profile and fatal pedestrian accident. On March 7th, an out-of-control vehicle jumped the curb in West Oakland and struck and killed Celeste Jewel ...
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