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Oakland's Most Dangerous Intersections For Pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents can have grave consequences for the a pedestrian hit by a car. Oakland is particularly dangerous for pedestrians. On average, there are between 200-350 pedestrian accidents in Oakland every year. Here are the most dangerous intersections [this data comes from the Oakland "Pedestrian Master Plan."

  1. International Boulevard / 64th Avenue
  2. Fruitvale / Foothill Boulevard
  3. 38th Avenue / MacArthur Boulevard
  4. 7th Street / Franklin Street
  5. International Boulevard / 90th Avenue
  6. 14th Street / Madison Street
  7. Fruitvale Avenue / MacArthur Boulevard
  8. International Boulevard / 35th Avenue
  9. 40th Street / Telegraph Avenue
  10. 77th Avenue / Bancroft Avenue
  11. D Street / 98th Avenue

If you are a pedestrian or a biker in Oakland, be careful when you are out. Make sure the drivers see you - make eye contact with them and do not assume that just because they are supposed to stop, they actually will stop for you.

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