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California Highway Patrol Officer Killed - June 27, 2010

Every one of us gets that sinking feeling when a CHP car slips in behind as as we drove down the highway, or as we notice the CHP car sitting on the side of the road, radar gun trained on passing cars. Worse yet, when we are pulled over and given a ticket. For most of us, this is the most interaction we have with law enforcement, and we tend to see them as out to get us. It is easy to forget that they are working out there to help people, to make things safe for us, and to "get" the bad guys. Law enforcement officers are often put in bad positions, where their options are very limited - putting their lives on the line to help complete strangers. So please remember to drive safely and give them all the space they need when they are doing their work.

Over the weekend a CHP officer (name not yet released) was killed in Paso Robles, California when he was struck while investigating an abandoned vehicle. Please drive safely and give these public servants the respect they deserve.

Pete Clancy is a lawyer in Oakland, California.