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Critics of E-Scooters demand regulation of the rentable rides blamed for 8 deaths, crashes, litter

An easy ride or a biblical plague supported by elites that jeopardizes public safety? A plague of biblical irritations is how many people in California are seeing the use and the supposedly accepted practice of discarding of the temporary transport known as electric scooters — or e-scooters. Here’s How It Works Companies provide smartphone apps...

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Increased Highway Speed Limit May Drive Traffic Fatalities

In 2017, California had the second highest number of traffic fatalities (3,602) in the nation – just behind Texas. Many of these deaths occurred on highways, which in our state, are often congested and dangerous to drive on. According to, the maximum highway speed in California is 65 mph. Two-lane undivided highways have a...

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Data Reveals Opioid Use Playing a Larger Role in Car Crashes

Opioid prescription drugs have become a popular method to treat pain. Unfortunately, the addictive effects of these drugs have sparked a serious epidemic across the United States. Upon first use, opioids can elicit a temporary endorphin release in the brain, which numbs pain and induces an overall feeling of pleasure. Over time, the production of...

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Attorneys Go Over Car Crash Risks Associated with Marijuana

Last year, the State of California legalized recreational marijuana, which means that anyone age 21 and older can purchase and use marijuana. It must be done responsibly because, like alcohol, marijuana can impair drivers’ ability to drive safely.   Evidence shows that marijuana can compromise a driver’s judgment, motor coordination concentration, and perception of time and distance. Additionally, marijuana use puts...

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California Lawyers Help Stairway-Injury Victims

Our client was leaving a rental property in Richmond, California. She fell when walking down defective stairs that were not up to code and that did not have the required handrail. The fall she took on the stairway from the building to the sidewalk changed her life — destroying her left ankle and leading to...

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Nighttime Driving Hazards in California: Our Attorneys Discuss

December 21st is the shortest day of the year. And until spring arrives, many California motorists will spend more time driving in the dark. That’s why it’s important to understand the risks associated with nighttime driving and what you can do if you find yourself in a car wreck. Limited visibility, less reaction time Nighttime...

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