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Case results matter at Clancy & Diaz, LLP in Walnut Creek, California. That's because the settlements and verdicts we obtain for injury victims and their families can make a dramatic difference in their lives.

This money pays for critical, accident-related expenses, including emergency medical bills, lost wages, lost future income and pain and suffering in many cases. Without this money, many injury victims' financial future could be in jeopardy.

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    Selected case results

    • $3,000,000 - Wrongful Death
    • $2,617,566 - Auto Collision
    • $1,800,000 - Auto Collision
    • $1,497,406 - Pedestrian struck by big rig
    • $1,300,000 - Premises Liability (policy limits)
    • $950,000 - Wrongful Death
    • $700,000 - Child injured on dangerous school field
    • $590,000 - Auto Collision (policy limits)
    • $313,000 - Bicyclist Struck by Car
    • $280,000 - Child injured by dangerous school desk
    • $250,000 - Bus Passenger Injury
    • $250,000 - Bicyclist Struck by Car
    • $250,000 - Bicyclist Doored by Car
    • $250,000 - Pedestrian Struck by Car
    • $200,000 - Pedestrian Struck by Car
    • $199,999 - Motorcyclist injured by tow truck
    • $165,000 - Head-On Collision
    • $150,000 - Trip and Fall
    • $135,500 - Premises Liability

    Selected Case Studies

    Pete Clancy had the vision to see liability in a case where his client rear-ended the defendant and the determination to turn a $400 offer into a $10,000 settlement. Click here for more info.

    Matter of Q.J. - policy limits recovery Client was injured when the bus in which she was traveling was hit by a car that lost control as it came around a turn. Our client was transported by bus to the hospital immediately and was forced to repeat a knee surgery as a result of this accident.

    D.E. versus Target - Our client was injured in a slip and fall accident when she slipped on a "mystery" substance on the floor in Target. She treated with her primary care physician and was released after a few physical therapy sessions. Through careful investigation, we were able to show that Target had not complied with its duties and that no employee had recently inspected the premises. Target settled out of court with our client.

    Matter of M.C. - policy limits recovery. Our client was struck by a car while he was in the crosswalk, and while he had the right of way. Although our client was hit at approximately 25 miles per hour, he was relatively uninjured. He did, however, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. After months of negotiations, our client recovered the policy limits from the driver who struck him.

    Matter of L.Q. - Clients were rear-ended in Oakland. The husband suffered lower back pain and the wife (who was 4 months pregnant at the time) had to undergo extensive diagnostic work to make sure she and her baby were okay. They reported that the person who struck them then backed up and struck them again. The insurance carrier for the other driver denied that their driver was involved in the accident. After 2 years of negotiations, we filed suit. The case settled at mediation, when the insurance carrier agreed to pay for their medical bills, pain and suffering and damage to their car.

    Matter of J.H. - Uninsured Motorist; Soft Tissue Injury. Client was rear-ended by a large truck, which carried no insurance. She suffered from whiplash, back pain and neck pain. By the time she contacted Clancy & Diaz, LLP she had been through nearly two years of chiropractic care/physical therapy and her symptoms were not improving. Her insurance company had not made her any offer, and she was worried that she would not only have to pay all current medical bills out-of-pocket, but that she would have to pay all future medical bills out-of-pocket. J.H. said that her goals were to make sure that all of her medical bills, past and future, were paid. When she first came to us, the statute of limitations was going to run out in 2 weeks. We acted fast, first contacting her insurance company to demand arbitration. We then submitted a detailed demand package addressing the relevant law, her damages and her likely future medical bills. Clancy & Diaz, LLP was able to settle the case for J.H. for between $20,000 and $30,000.

    Matter of K.T. - Rear End Accident; Spinal Surgery. K.T. had a bad few months. He had been rear-ended two times in three months. As he said, it seemed like there was a black cloud following him around. As a result of these two rear-end accidents, K.T. required spinal surgery to fuse part of his spine. Each of the insurance companies insisted that the other driver was at fault. They also pointed to a long history of back problems. We filed suit and, on the eve of trial, reached a settlement of $55,000.

    Matter of R.D. - Pedestrian on Sidewalk; Soft Tissue Injury; Permanent Scarring; Infection. R.D. was walking down the sidewalk in Union City when a car exiting a gas station ran over her foot and lower leg; when the driver stopped, the car was still resting on R.D.'s foot. As a result of the accident, R.D. was taken to the emergency room and spent 3 days in the hospital. After returning home, she developed an allergic reaction to one of her medications and had to return to the hospital for 3 more days. The accident left her with permanent scarring on her legs and an unhealthy fear of cars. We filed a lawsuit and, after mediation, the insurance carrier for the driver paid the policy limits ($30,000) to settle the case.

    S.R. - Driver Runs Through Stop Sign; Broken Thumb. S.R. was driving along a highway access road when a person turned left in front of her, running a stop sign. As a result of the air bag going off, S.R. broke her thumb and had to undergo surgery and rehabilitation. We prepared a detailed and thorough settlement demand and the insurance company paid the policy limits of $15,000.

    Matter of J.M. - Unauthorized Release of Personal Information by Telecommunications Company. J.M. was a customer of a large telecommunications provider. An employee released her private information (phone number, address, etc.) to a third party. That third party used this information to stalk and eventually assault J.M. Clancy & Diaz, LLP contacted the telecommunications company's chief legal counsel and then sent a settlement demand threatening to file suit if necessary. After months of negotiations, J.M. received a substantial settlement (confidential).

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