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Recovering From Permanent Scars, Permanent Scarring

Beauty is more than skin deep

I recently wrote a post about dog bites, and also one on measuring damages. With dog bites in particular, scarring can be an issue. But it can also be an issue in pedestrian accidents. There is no clear formula for determining damages associated with scarring, but some cases are easier to measure than other.

Here are a few scenarios:

Permanent And Severe Disfigurement

Imagine that everywhere you go, every time you enter a room, the first thing people notice about you is not your hair color, not that you are well dressed, not the color of your eyes; instead the first thing everyone notices about you is a large scar stretching from one side of your face to the other. The scar was left there after a dog attacked you, nearly removing the skin off of your skull. That is the kind of permanent and severe disfigurement that - like your reputation - precedes you into any room you enter. These cases are tragic, and the scars are long lasting and have a severe impact. The damages in a case like this may well stretch into the millions of dollars.

Permanent Scarring On Legs, Arms

Depending on the scale and place of a scar on your arms or legs, the monetary damages attributable to such a scar might range from $10,000 up to the $100,000's. In my experience, a small 'permanent' scar may be able to be minimized through plastic surgery. The typical cost is $8,000-$10,000. For larger scars, it may not be possible to effectively minimize the appearance of scars. In cases where the scars are large, visible and incapable of being hidden the damages are obviously greater.

Who The Plaintiff Is

A lot depends on who the plaintiff is. If you are a construction worker and you are already full of scars, the impact of an additional scar may not be great. But what if you are a model? So the damages depend in large part on who "wears" them. Generally, women are more damaged (at least in the legal arena) by scarring than are men.

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