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Facial Injuries Impact Car Accident Victims in Many Ways

Car accidents happen every day in the Bay Area and throughout California, leaving people seriously hurt. Many victims suffer facial injuries that are painful and traumatic. These injuries are very common – one study found that more than half of car crash victims during a 15-month period suffered facial trauma. Facial injuries can happen in...

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Study links CT scans to prognosis in concussion patients

A head injury suffered in a car accident can result in a concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is a serious injury with potential long-term effects that can be hard to predict. But a new study finds that CT scans provide critical information that can help doctors determine a patient’s chances...

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Commercial truck causes fatal California highway accident

Bay Area attorneys explain why truck accidents happen, legal options available A commercial truck recently caused a fatal, multiple-vehicle truck accident on a highway in California’s Bay Area during rush hour that closed parts of the interstate for eight hours and resulted in a hazardous spill on the highway, according to NBC Bay Area News....

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Lyft Rolls Out New E-bike in San Francisco

During the pandemic, a lot of people spent more time outside hiking, biking, and walking. Lyft, a national rideshare company, is banking on this being a permanent lifestyle change. Lyft is well known for connecting local drivers with people seeking transportation, but the company has been quietly working on creating a bikeshare program as well....

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Going too fast: Drivers just won't stop speeding

The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on our daily lives, including the way some people drive. Motorists seem to be in a hurry, speeding in unprecedented numbers. But with speeding comes a lot of dangers, which is why it's important for drivers to know what steps they can take to avoid getting seriously...

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Is driving high a problem in states where marijuana is legal?

As more and more states like California legalize the recreational use of marijuana, drivers face potentially life-altering decisions about getting behind the wheel of a car after they've used cannabis. Our attorneys discuss impaired driving and emerging legal issues. Some disturbing numbers While research shows using marijuana, like drinking alcohol, impairs motor skills, cognitive function,...

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Who is responsible for parking lot injuries?

Whether visiting a shopping mall, hospital, restaurant, college campus or other busy establishment, parking lots can be more dangerous than you think. An incident can happen when you least expect it and leave you with serious injuries. The Walnut Creek, CA attorneys at Clancy & Diaz discuss the most prevalent causes of parking lot injuries...

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Unmarked crosswalks and pedestrian safety

Pedestrians share busy California roads with motorists and truck drivers each day. Yet, our roadway infrastructure often favors motorists over pedestrians. Crosswalks are an essential part of pedestrian safety. Some are regulated by timed signals and are marked with signs and lights. Pedestrians and drivers may not always be aware of how dangerous unmarked crosswalks...

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