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Investigating Trucking Companies

Our attorneys explain how system works

Truck accidents often result in serious injuries. That's because commercial trucks are significantly larger than many other vehicles on the road. Commercial truck accidents can also often be complicated, as injury victims need to deal with trucking companies.

Trucking companies can be difficult to deal with after an accident since they realize the financial stakes can be extremely high for such accidents. That's why many trucking companies refuse to cooperate after a serious crash.

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    Trucking companies don't intimidate us at Clancy & Diaz, LLP of Walnut Creek and Antioch, California. Our experienced Northern California truck accident attorneys know how get the information you need from trucking companies so you can get your life back on track.

    What information matters most

    Investigating the trucking company that employs the truck driver who caused your crash can be an important part of securing a favorable settlement or verdict for you. That's why it's important that we get to work as soon as possible on your case.

    Important information about your truck accident could include:

    • The truck driver's driving history
    • Previous accidents by the same truck driver
    • Previous accidents by other truck drivers employed by the same company
    • The trucking company's maintenance records
    • The trucking company's hiring practices
    • Black-box data (truck speed, location, etc.) from the truck involved in the crash
    • Hours of Service (HOS) data for the truck driver involved in the crash

    Such data can be critical to a successful accident investigation. That's why we're eager to meet with you right away to discuss your case.

    How we can help you

    Investigating trucking companies after an accident can be challenging work. Some law firms avoid such difficult cases. We thrive on them. That's because we believe trucking companies should be held accountable for their actions.

    You didn't do anything wrong. You shouldn't have to pay for mistakes made by the truck driver who caused your crash. Contact our law firm today and schedule your free case evaluation. Best of all, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only pay us if we win your case.

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